All Hail Ysabel, Queen of her Emotions

All Hail Ysabel, Queen of her Emotions

Art has always played a major role in the life of Ysabel Blu, artist, performance dancer and somatic sex, love and relationship coach.

As a dear friend of Divinity, Ysabel has been a Baddie supporter from day one. Ysabel even modeled for the Baddie website. “I love the Baddie brand and felt so wonderful wearing the Baddie bodysuit during the photoshoot. I felt comfortable and extremely sexy all at the same time!”

“I love the message Divinity is sending with the Baddie brand. Baddie truly for is everyone. And when I say everyone, I literally mean everyone! People of all styles, all sizes, all genders, everyone. It feels wonderful to be a part of this movement of positivity and acceptance.”

“Baddie is a vessel of expression for whatever mood you’re in – we badly need more designers with this kind of inclusive, holistic mindset.”

Living Life My Way

From a very young age, Ysabel learned to be her own best friend, first. “Yes, I had many friends, but I knew I needed to stay authentic to myself. I needed to do things the way I wanted to do things.”

Ysabel’s journey to self love and acceptance blossomed as a young adult. “I learned how important it was to do life my way, learning how to see through what social standards wanted of me.”

“I started to question how my body and mind were colonized by society’s standards of what they wanted me to be.”

Looking to the Future

“Discovering oneself is a journey that is always changing and always with us” Ysabel explains. Although she has achieved tremendous growth throughout her life, she still continues to find ways to improve.

“I’m discovering ways to be more present with my life experiences and to integrate my life lessons. I want to use what I have learned to reflect positive change on my life.

“I’m very proud of the inner work I’ve done, so my spirit can feel the benefits. Without the inner work, any spiritual practices and experiences are just, well, stories. Each day I continue to learn how to integrate my spiritual experiences with my human experience, which leads to inner harmony.”

Take Your Seat at the Throne

Ysabel is a strong believer in the strength and peace that comes from befriending your emotions.

“Treat your emotions like they are lords of a round table, with you sitting at the throne. You are the master of your heart, and of your emotions.”

Ysabel recommends honoring your emotions by listening to them and hearing what they have to say. “It is liberating! It is empowering! Joy, sadness, pleasure, befriend them all!”

Ysabel is right when she says that our emotions will always be around, so it only makes sense to accept and welcome them to your table. You are at the throne of this table; you dictate what is and is not allowed. You are in control.

Says Ysabel, “Be the true master of your emotions.”

How would you describe your life journey so far using 5 words?

Liberating, soulful, intimate, intense and cosmic.

What excites you about the future?

The unknown.

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