Growing Pains Make You Stronger

Growing Pains Make You Stronger

Syd Miller is a successful artist and model who always had a love for art, even from a young age. “I was allowed to thrive in art growing up, which really helped nurture my creativity. Art has given me an outlet throughout my life to express myself.”

But a year ago, Syd took on a new job title that brought with it an extremely steep learning curve in addition to endless amounts of joy.

The job title? “Mom”

“I’m very proud of myself for this first year of parenthood. Becoming an instant parent was scary, but also the best thing that has ever happened to me, and to us as a couple. I’ve had to learn —and then relearn — so many things. I love watching my daughter grow and thrive, everyday with her is new and exciting. We’re getting ready to celebrate her 1st birthday and I couldn’t be more proud of her progress … and ours too!”

Syd’s new life as a mother has caused her to entirely rethink her priorities, which has been a humbling and enriching experience. “My daughter, and my family, now come first, and this has grounded me in an incredible way. I am so proud of the example I'm already setting for her. I strive to always be someone she looks up to.”

As a naturally shy “people-pleaser”, Syd feels that she is only just now learning to come out of her shell and discover her voice. “With my partner, I’m finally able to be my true stubborn, Taurus self. It feels good to be authentic. Something I will continue to work on is being more honest with people, letting them know how I feel and where I'm truly at.”

One important area of growth for Syd has been the evolution of her social circle and the realization that one should not see such evolution as a negative thing. “I now realize that growing ‘out of people’ sometimes happens and is part of growing up. People and friends flow in and out of our lives at different times and for different reasons. Sometimes it can be hard, but looking back, I’m a better person now having lived through these types of growing pains.”

Syd is thrilled to be a part of the Baddie brand, and even modelled for the Baddie by Divinity’s launch a few months back. “Baddie by Divinity is an incredible place filled with positivity and acceptance, giving people a platform, a community. I love being a part of it.”

How would you describe your life journey so far using 5 words?

Lucky, Hectic, Miraculous, Unexpected, Joyous.

Some final words of advice from Syd:

“Take each day at a time. Don’t try to fix or do everything at once. We’re always learning, and growing, and it’s beautiful.”

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