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They say home is where we come from, but maybe it’s actually about where we’re going.

Our Highest Mantra,

where you are already home.

Unlock Your True Self

You’re not limited by your physical presence or boundaries. Your mind and soul can create the most powerful, conscious, and inspiring force in the universe.

Join the Phoenix community as you undergo a holistic transformation where you grow into your most capable and unapologetic self by gaining access to products, learning resources, and a community of purpose-driven kin: it's time to free yourself.

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A Phoenix is a conscious individual dedicated to self-discovery and liberation through continual expansion of their worldview, strong innerstanding, and living in cosmic alignment with their soul.

Free the Phoenix Within.

Find growth, realize your soul’s purpose, and make clear strides toward building the life that excites you. Shape a fulfilled future that’s lined with knowledge, purpose, and healing, supported by kindred spirits.

Becoming Phoenix:

Healing According to Your Chart

3:00 - 4:00pm EST

February 7th, 2023

Inside each one of us is a Phoenix that’s been held captive for years, eager to break free and spread its wings. 

However, that Phoenix won’t be able to fly if it’s shackled by traumas, limiting beliefs, and unhealed past experiences.

With the help from a powerhouse in Western Astrology, learn how to break free by finding where, according to your birth chart, your healing lies, and receive guidance on how to start the work.

It’s an opportunity to see how the stars looked the moment you took your first breath and cried your first tear, and how that has been influencing your healing journey and your connection with your higher presence.

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