Choice: The Essence of Sovereignty

Choosing is not Selfish

When we choose ourselves it’s not Selfish. Selfishness is about putting your own needs ahead of others without any regard for their needs or feelings. Self-lessness asks that you sacrifice your own needs and well-being for the sake of others, even when it is not necessary or healthy. Often and across cultures and belief systems, selflessness is touted as altruistic, holy, and something to strive towards. 

It is not Selfish to choose yourself, it is an act of self-honor. Self-honor is about taking care of your own needs and well-being so that you can show up for yourself and others in your fullness, not at your own expense. You should never give from your own cup. Most of us would never ask our closest loves to give from their own cup what is theirs to fill their needs, yet we as humans consistently seem to deny ourselves that same honor. When you honor yourself and give from your overflow, that is how you can best show up for yourself and those around you. That is how you embody your Sovereignty.  It’s okay to say no to people, places, or situations if what is being asked is to give from a place of self-betrayal.

You are always Choosing

Along this Phoenix path of death and rebirth, you will continuously be presented with choices. You are always choosing, whether you decide to be conscious of it is another matter. However, your thoughts precede your actions and your actions come from a decision being made. There is power in choice because in that choice you are placing your intent there. 

The illusion of safety from not making a choice is simply that, an illusion. There is perceived safety in having lots of options and allowing yourself to stay in the place of indecision. The truth of the matter is though, when you are not consciously choosing, others are automatically choosing for you. Whether it’s a partner, a workplace, a situation, an ideology, a culture, or a systemic belief the choice is still happening, the choice is being made for you. Whether we decide to be active co-creators in the outcome of our lives or not, life continues to progress. 

When we begin to make conscious choices, on a micro or macro level, we are choosing to honor our needs and boundaries. We are honoring our capacity, giving from a place of overflow and not at a detriment to ourselves. Choosing yourself is a radical act of love and in that, there is immense power to begin to direct and shape our lives as active creators of our future.

Choosing Yourself Is Sovereignty

When we choose ourselves, we engage in a powerful act of alchemy. We are consciously and energetically making a statement to ourselves of our own inherent worthiness, our Sovereignty. We engage in an act of healing when we make choices that are aligned with our values. 

We are transforming our lives from the inside out. We are creating a new reality for ourselves, one that is based on our values and desires. We are creating a life that both honors us and from that honor, we, in turn, honor others. We begin to enter into a world whose vibrational frequency is one of reciprocity and mutual respect. The more we embody unconditional Love and Sovereignty within ourselves, the more we co-create a harmonious world, by the mere energetic effect our lives have.

The Beauty of Choice

Choosing yourself doesn’t happen in one singular moment, but rather in the everyday choices that you are presented with. That is the beauty of choice as well. You will feel drawn to what resonates with you, in your own unique language. Yes, there are healthy tools that are designed to help you along your path and they absolutely do. However, it matters less what those tools are so much as you come to the point of clarity on what it is you want for yourself. If you don’t have clarity on your values and what it is you inherently desire to see in your life then that is an invitation to continue deepening your understanding of yourself.

Know Your Values

Knowing what your values are is foundational. Continuing to make choices as you figure it out is also foundational. Experience is your teacher. You are invited into a state of being where there is unconditional love as you learn to embody your authentic self. Most of us have spent our entire lives disconnected from our innermost core selves. The core self that exists outside of labels and structures. The you that was always there before the world told you that you had to be someone else in order to be seen and loved. Your power lies in the work of going inwards, confronting your patterns and wounding, and allowing all parts of you to be held in honor and wholeness. 

Take a moment to reflect on your week. 

Did you make choices that honored your authentic self? 

Did you make choices that were based on obligation or fear? Wounding? 

Is this a pattern that keeps showing up?

When you take the time to observe and reflect, you allow a further deepening of understanding and trust within yourself. It is an invitation to allow radical compassion towards ourselves through this process. We learn by doing. Each day presents you with an opportunity to choose. 

There is liberation in choosing. There is honor in choosing you. It is a radical act of love.

Have you chosen yourself today?

Mantra: I choose to make conscious choices that honor myself.


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