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Why Join Our Community?

We believe diverse viewpoints lead to comprehensive knowledge and break echo chambers

At OHM every voice is honored and every perspective is respected. Differences in backgrounds and beliefs enhance the depth of our discussions.

We believe in facilitating genuine understanding rather than passive consumption.

OHM events cover a wide range of topics, ensuring infinite expansion of awareness and understanding.

Integral to each event is a self-assessment element because by understanding diverse perspectives, one inherently gains insights into their own viewpoints and biases.

Past Events

The Spectrum of Connection: Understanding Relationships from 3D to 5D (Webinar)

Dive deep into human connection and explore the various dimensions (3d, 4d, 5d), understand the essence of healthy and unhealthy connections, the different types of soulmates, and engage in self-discovery exercises and reflections. This webinar is an expedition to the core of interpersonal bonds.

  • Dimensional Dynamics: Systematically traverse from 3D to 5D, breaking down the unique characteristics and implications of each dimension in human connections.
  • Connections Analyzed: Differentiate between the foundational attributes of constructive and detrimental connections, equipping you with the knowledge to foster more enriching interpersonal interactions.
  • Understanding Soulmates: Delve into the facets of soulmates, providing clarity on their significance, recognition, and influence on our personal and spiritual journeys.
  • Hands-On Exploration: Engage in structured exercises and reflective tasks designed to reinforce understanding and enhance relational competencies.

This webinar offers a rigorous and objective examination of human connections, rooted in systematic insights. Designed for those who seek pragmatic tools for navigating relationships, this session provides both foundational knowledge and actionable strategies. Secure your spot today.

Becoming Phoenix: Healing According to Your Chart.

With the help from a powerhouse in Western Astrology, learn how to break free by finding where, according to your birth chart, your healing lies, and receive guidance on how to start the work.

It’s an opportunity to see how the stars looked the moment you took your first breath and cried your first tear, and how that has been influencing your healing journey and your connection with your higher presence.

Unpacking Your Backpack: The Art of Letting Go

With the help from a gifted psychic intuitive coach, you’ll understand how you can free yourself from the mistakes you grew out of, and how you can start sprinting at full speed toward your goals.

Empty your backpack, and make room for new exciting experiences to enjoy the view from the top of the mountain instead of spending your life merely climbing.

Mastering Your Intuition: For Beginners

With the help from a gifted psychic intuitive coach, you’ll understand more about getting in tune with your body, and how to differentiate anxiety from real intuition.

You’ll be able to reclaim control over your thoughts, and supplement every decision you take with the right signals and intuition senses your body gives you.

Energy Rituals to Amplify Your Life

With the help from a gifted energy healer, and the right set of nurturing habits and rituals, you’ll be able to shape your living space in a way that aligns with your higher purpose.

Choose lighting, design elements, and furnishings that reflect your new-found mindset and give yourself the opportunity to thrive.

Mastering Your Energy: Be The Commander

Reclaim control over your energy and channel the masculine and feminine energies inside you (Yin & Yang) to restore balance and harmony in your career, love life, and personal growth.

With the help from a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, you’ll discover the 7 Hermetic Principles that have fueled the growth of ancient societies, and how you can align your physical state to eliminate any energetic blockages and start allowing yourself to thrive.

2023 Astrology Forecast: What to Expect & How to Thrive.

In this event, you’ll be guided through the astrological happenings and forecasts of this year, and how you can anticipate change before others do to always be ahead of the pack.

Romance, career, politics, and culture: no stone will be left unturned, and you’ll understand exactly where your astrology sign will take you this year.