$96 per annum
  • Special pricing on all; Events, workshops, and products
  • Exclusive resources; a comprehensive library of tools, media, and products to support your path
  • Belonging; An open exchange of knowledge & experiences while forming connections and feeling a sense of home via our growing community
  • Members-only experiences; Transformational in-person and virtual retreats, workshops, and social gatherings
  • First access; Limited edition products and event launches
  • Infinite expansion; Mantras, thought-provoking literature, educational insights and self-discovery prompts
  • Next level; An opportunity to undergo a Conscious Death and Rebirth through the proprietary immersion facilitated by OHM



Invitation only to those who have walked the proprietary facilitated by OHM.

This is a one-of-one opportunity for the most devoted students of life who desire to experience the highest level of expansion, love, community, health, and celebration.

Full benefits are not disclosed because we are finalizing every aspect of this multi-layered membership experience.


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